Question:  I have purchased all of my tickets, but I forgot my program.  Is there a way to add a program without incurring an additional $15 fee?

Answer:  Yes!  Please contact the administrator at HD Comps via email and she will manually add the program (or anything else that was forgotten).  When ordering, we encourage you to order everything at once to avoid unnecessary fees, but we are happy to do what we can do manually to avoid additional charges.


Question:  I tried to book nights at the hotel, but the computer is stating that one of my nights isn’t available.  Is there anything that can be done?

Answer:  The best way to resolve hotel reservation issues is to contact our USIR Hotel Liaison, Kathy Eisel, via email at


Question:  How will the seats be assigned for the Gala?

Answer:  Our plan is to go the old fashioned way and allow people to sign up on a poster board at hospitality.  We want people to be able to sit with friends and family, without worrying about buying your tickets together.  It used to work well back in the day.  We are looking at having eight to ten people at each table depending on how many people sign up for the event.


Question:  My pre-premier dancer is registered for Friday and Sunday’s competitions. Will she need an admission ticket for Saturday?

Answer:  All registered dancers (Friday and Sunday) will be able to use their name tags as their “ticket” on Saturday to attend the USIR.  We are not charging for any registered dancer (any day) to watch the other day(s).


Question:  I noticed on the ticket page it says dancers receive a 3 day pass, does this come automatically or do we have to click a box?

Answer:   All registered dancers will have access to the ballroom with their name tag when they are not dancing.  The name tags will will be handed out at hospitality during registration.  There is no box to click…it will happen automatically.


Question:  Do all parent admission tickets have to be purchased in advance or will there be availability on the day?

Answer:  All tickets do not have to be purchased in advance, although we recommend it.  Tickets can be purchased at hospitality on the day of the event.


Question:  What is the VIP Room and how is purchasing a ticket with VIP access a benefit?

Answer:  The VIP room offers a quiet place to get away from the competition, while still knowing what is going on in the ballroom.  Pre-made lunches will be ready for you, so you do not have to go in search of food – it will be ready for you when you are ready for it.


Question:  Is the USIR held outside?

Answer:  The USIR will be held indoors in the Grand Ballroom at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada.  The ballroom offers 30,649 square feet to accommodate our stage, guest chairs and risers with additional viewing opportunities.


Question:  Is there a pin exchange at the event?

Answer:  We know that this is a signature feature of the Canadian Championship Series, but at this time, we do not have plans to have a pin exchange at the USIR.


Question:  Is there a banquet?  Is the Saturday night celebration a separate thing and do dancers have to buy tickets?

Answer:  Thursday night is the traditional banquet.  We are going for a glitzy Las Vegas theme, that is why we titled it  the “Gala”.  We’ve added the Saturday night celebration to get everyone together after the Championships and dinner for dessert, dancing and fun.  If your dancer qualifies for the USIR, there is no charge for either event.


Question:  Can you please clarify the restricted premier guidelines?

Answer:  A Restricted Premier dancer is defined as one who has not won an overall trophy in a Premier or Restricted Premier class for two years preceding the date of the Restricted Premier event he/she is entering (between July 21, 2017 and July 20, 2019). USIR Representatives in the USIR Championship may be eligible if this rule applies. Restricted Premier dancers are still eligible to compete in ALL other Premier events, including the Premiership and the North American Championship. 

ScotDance USA defines an OVERALL TROPHY win for Restricted Premier purposes as “the dancer with the highest total number of points who has competed in more than one (1) individual dance in a Premier competition age group that has 6 or more competitors, thus the name High Aggregate Trophy.” Winners of special dances such as a Special Hornpipe or Special Jig, Best-Dressed or Choreography event DO NOT qualify as an overall trophy win. A Championship and Pre-Championship are both considered Premier events.